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Herb Cunningham
1-Aug-2005, 08:34
I am looking for someone wh0 is likely to have a back for a Deardorff 8x10, hopefully in really good condition. I have checked with Jim and the usual suspects and they are without.

Any help here?

Thanks Herb

evan clarke
1-Aug-2005, 09:15
Maybe Jim told you, but Jack Deardorff is making cameras and has many parts from the Deardorff company. I have all his info at home and I will submit contact info for him tonight..EC

Donald Brewster
1-Aug-2005, 09:22
Allegedly, Jack Deardorff is making replacement backs for the V8. I'm sure Jim at Midwest could put you in touch with him. I think Glenn Evans has one of these new backs available on his website (http://www.glennview.com). I believe the cost is about $450 for the new back. Of course, these backs pop up on Ebay from time to time and don't go cheap. Ken Hough probably has a few lying around as well.

ronald moravec
1-Aug-2005, 11:03
Rick Brassington in Naperville, Illinois - 630-355-9492

He has lots of parts for Deardorf including lens boards.

ronald moravec
1-Aug-2005, 11:05
Rick Brassington in Naperville Illinois 630 355 9492. He has lots of Deardork parts including boards for lenses

Herb Cunningham
1-Aug-2005, 15:08
thanks guys, Ken Hough will make a new one and Glenn @ glennview has one.

2-Aug-2005, 01:15
Hi Herb,

E**y has one on the block at this very moment... here's the link:


Good luck on winning it...