View Full Version : which lense board for crown graphic?

Jon Miller
4-Dec-1999, 22:27

I have a crown graphic 4x5 camera. I'm purchasing a 100mm f6.5 WF ektar lense fo r the camera. The lense does not come with a board. What board do I need for thi s camera and lense combination? Where can I get a board. How do I install a lens e in a board?


chuck k
5-Dec-1999, 14:15
You can get Crown Graphic boards quite a few places. Check out Stephen Shuharts ad in Shutterbug, or MidWest Photo Exchange in Columbus OH (also a Shutterbug a d). You get the blank board and send it to Steve Grimes along with the retainin g ring (jam nut) and he'll cut the board for about $15.00. The blank Graphic boa rd will cost about $20.00.

Roger Rouch
5-Dec-1999, 17:12
Both of the places mentioned will cut the board to your shutter size if you tell them what lens and shutter you have. I've ordered boards for my Super Graphic from both. It's about $8 or $10 more. You'll then need a spanner wrench equivalent to tighten the retainer ring. I've used needle nosed pliers or a strong hand tightening.