View Full Version : Wollensak Velostigmat 8 1/4" f/4.5 coverage

27-Nov-2017, 09:48
I have this wonderful old lens in a Betax No 4 shutter. I have used it on 4X5 but am wondering if it was designed to cover larger. I have a 5X7 camera on the way. I can't find much info on-line for this lens.

Mark Sampson
27-Nov-2017, 10:31
Well, it's a Tessar-formula lens. So it should cover 5x7 with some movements.

27-Nov-2017, 10:36
The Wollensak catalog at Camera Eccentric says it will cover 5X8


Mark Sawyer
27-Nov-2017, 11:29
I'd venture to say it will just cover whole plate. The 9 1/2" version covers 8x10.

27-Nov-2017, 11:52
Thanks guys - that helps.