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John Kasaian
31-Jul-2005, 21:32
I've got two 162mm Wollensak series II Velostigmats on my kitchen table both in identical Alphax shutters. One is labeled a "focus velostigmat" and the other simply "velostigmat" but they are different in that the OD of the front element on the plain "velostigmat" is considerably larger than the "focus velostigmat" also the "velostigmat" has the wollcoat mark while the "focus velostigmat" is uncoated and dosen't bear the wollcoat brand. Both start the party at f/4.5.

Aside from the coating, whats the difference between the two lenses? I know some velostigmats were considered soft portrait lenses and had dials to dial in the amount of softness but niether of these lenses have anything like that. I've got yet another very well mannered velostigmat series II f/4.5 in a rapax hiding out somewhere around here I'd like to find and compare but I'm afraid of what I might find (another mystery!)

Any Wollensak Experts know what the difference is between a Focus Velostigmat series II and a Velostigmat series II? What have I got here?

matthew blais
31-Jul-2005, 22:32
I believe they are the rare male and female wooly wollies.

If you put them in a dark cave like enclosure during the winter months, you should end up with a wee willy wooly wolly...hibernation time varies according to geographic area.

Dan Fromm
1-Aug-2005, 04:53
I'm not acquainted with a "focus Velostigmat," suspect you misread the engraving. Would 162 mm or 6 3/8" be immediately before or after "focus"? Usually the word "focus" is preceded or followed by the lens' focal length.

Velostigmat Series II lenses are all, AFAIK, tessar types. To check this, count reflections. There should be four strong reflections, no weak ones, from the front cell; two strong, one weak, from the rear cell. The weak reflection comes from the glass-cement-glass interface and can be hard to see.

John Kasaian
1-Aug-2005, 07:44
Heres whats written on the bezels.
Lens #1: Wollensak Velostigmat 6 1/2" Focus Series II f4.5 No 2044440
Lens#2: Wolensak 162mm f/4.5 Series II Velostigmat No 507524

I'm under the impression (don't know exactly why) Wolly 6-1/2"=162mm but hey, I'm metrically challenged anyway perhaps its because I keep seeing 14" lenses referred to as either 355mm or 360mm.

Dan Fromm
1-Aug-2005, 09:00
John, "6 1/2" Focus" means focal length = 6 1/2". That's all.

14*25.4 = 355.6. 355.6 rounds to 360. They're close, anyway.

Wollensak's serial numbers are a puzzle. Also the dates of redesigns, if any.

They should be the same lens. Have you counted reflections? Are they both tessar types?

Sorry I can't be more helpful,

Jim Galli
1-Aug-2005, 14:57
I think Dan's correct. There's quite a span in years between the 2 serial no.s and it sounds like the early one just happens to say 6 1/2" focus and by the time the later one was manufactured it was deemed redundant. Another thought was that on beattie school cameras they used one lens for focus and one to shoot with. I had one with a wolly focus lens and an Ilex main lens. But the focus lens didn't state it was a "focus lens" as opposed to being a taking lens. They're just 2 prime lenses in their mfgr's barrels.

John Kasaian
1-Aug-2005, 18:55
Thanks Dan and Jim, yes they're both tessars.
Matthew, if I want some longer focal length offsprings, should I feed my Wooly Wollies Wheaties before breeding? Would Francis Albert Sinatra lps, chop suey and chardonnay help get them in the mood?


matthew blais
1-Aug-2005, 19:29
LOL! Sorry 'bout that post John...a long day yesterday in the high So Cal heat had me somewhat in a flippant attitude.

But NO, history records that a new-born wee willy wooly wolly fed week old wrinkled wheaties, will produce a wide wee willy wooly wolly.