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Mike Cockerham
31-Jul-2005, 17:53
I have refinished this Conley 5x7 but I have a couple of problems. Does anyone have or know where I can get the knob for front right side, it is the one that tightens the down the front standard. Also the front moves very tightly on the track how do you lube this part.




Calamity Jane
31-Jul-2005, 18:21
The Seroco I have (probably made by Conley) was also very tight on the slides.

I took them all apart and cleaned them thoroughly with window cleaner, dried them, and put it back together. It worked fine without lube.

I'd be very careful with any kind of lube since, if it gets on the wood, it will cause the wood to swell and that will REALLY cause troubles.

Richard Ide
31-Jul-2005, 20:27
Hi Mike

A good hard paste wax like simonize works really well. I used this for years on sliding wooden parts of a couple of uulf enlargers I built. You need very little.


3-Aug-2005, 19:36
Mike, I believe that your camera is the same as one of mine. I'll dig it out by this weekend to check and we can compare knob diameter and such. If you still need it, I can make a close match from brass, and you can worry about getting it nickeled. Michael

9-Aug-2005, 14:51
Mike, I seem to have the same camera as you. If you don't find an original knob I could make one for you from brass, nickel plating would be your job. I tried to email you but it doesn't go through. Let me know how to contact you.