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Hening Bettermann
31-Jul-2005, 16:28

I am trying to find a very lightweigth 6x9 to be be used when skiing, with the ski pole as a monopod. So no movements. The weight of a tripod + head is out of the question.

The Toho FC 45 Mini looks great, weighing just 880 grams. However, for use with 6x9, I would need a slide-in roll film holder, which weighs 600 grams (and is pretty bulky). The Horseman holder for 6x9 back weighs 450 gr, and I could swap it between the Toho and my 6x9 Arca.

Assuming that the back on the Mini is the same as on the Toho FC 45 X, I'd like to ask the Toho users: Do you think it would be possible to remove the original ground glass frame and spring mechanism and replace it with a 6x9 Graflok back, that would have to be mounted on an adapter plate?

Kind regards - Hening.

Eric Leppanen
1-Aug-2005, 00:52

I used to own a Toho FC-45 Mini but traded it in some time ago. It was marvelously lightweight and incredibly rigid. I have never owned an FC45-X or a roll film back.

The Toho web site appears to show the FC-45 Mini configured with a Toyo 6x9 roll film back (which I believe is also Graflok-compatible), see this link:

www.toho-machine.co.jp/Mini-2.htm (http://www.toho-machine.co.jp/Mini-2.htm)

Kerry Thalmann has also speculated that the Shen Hao 6x12 roll film back should work on the Mini (it definitely works on the FC45-X).

As there probably aren't a lot of Mini owners around, I suggest you contact a Toho importer, which in the U.S. is Badger Graphic (which is where I bought my mine). By the way, if you want to purchase my used Toho Mini (which is in excellent condition), it is still available at Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com) for $549 U.S.

Hening Bettermann
1-Aug-2005, 13:26
Hi Eric,

thank you for your hint to your ex - I have ordered it right away! I forgot to ask if it does include the extension rail that allows a bellows draw of up to 336 mm? Otherwise the max extension would be 160 mm, and that would be too short.

Kind regards - Hening.

Eric Leppanen
1-Aug-2005, 13:52
Hi Hening,

My Toho Mini was indeed the long rail version, I was able to close focus a Fujinon 240A lens to within a few feet of the camera. Enjoy!