View Full Version : Current conditions in Canadian Rockies

Robert A. Zeichner
31-Jul-2005, 05:28
I am curious if any of you have been to Banff, Jasper, Yoho, etc. over the last few weeks and could give me an update on current conditions. I'm particularly interested in water levels, air quality as it relates to haze and road conditions.

Eric Fredine
31-Jul-2005, 08:32
I was through Banff and Jasper recently: water levels seem normal, air quality was very good (clear) and there were no issues at all with the roads we travelled. Lots of people of course as it is the height of the season.


Hans Berkhout
31-Jul-2005, 08:43
29C today, no clouds. Humidity 68% wind 11km/hr from SW. Sunny for the next 5 days or so, temp @ night around 10 C. Rv's galore, but hikingtrails usually not crowded. If questions will be happy to answer. Waterlevels have peaked, gradually getting back to "normal; low and clear.