View Full Version : cleaning print washer

Raymond Bleesz
29-Jul-2005, 18:34
What would be your recommendations for cleaning a print washer, specifically a Zone washer, 20x24?? I do not use the washer on a frequent basis in order for the water to be constantly fresh, hence, there is built up residue from both the water & prints, etc. better described a "scum".

thank you

Alec Jones
29-Jul-2005, 18:41
Polident tablets. They work for me. Love all those scrubbing bubbles.

Steve Feldman
29-Jul-2005, 18:45
I've a ZVI Print Washer. Gets kinda grey after not using it for a week or so. A few oz. of laundry bleach clears the water within 24 hrs. Brightens up my prints too.

Robert C. McColloch
29-Jul-2005, 22:58
I use laundry bleach to get rid of the algae ( and other gunk), drain the tank and use some CLR to get the lime deposits off (and a light scrub pad).

ronald moravec
30-Jul-2005, 06:00
I hand wash prints by inter leaving in sucessive trays of fresh water so I don`t know about washers, but I certainly would not leave water in one between uses for fear of growing all sorts of crud.

James Via
3-Aug-2005, 10:08
Leaving water standing in the washer is not a good idea. I drain my print washer and leave it dry till I'm ready to use it again. Also consider installing a water filter before the washer. It could be the cause of some of that scum.