View Full Version : Anyone on this list showing on Cape Cod?

Mark Sampson
29-Jul-2005, 10:33
I'm spendingthe next week on Cape Cod; my girlfriend and I will be visiting her family. I was wondering if anyone on this forum is showing anywhere in the vicinity, or if anyone can recommend a gallery showing good photographs. There's bound to be at least one rainy day...

Louie Powell
29-Jul-2005, 11:27
Mark -

For the last 10 years or so, my wife and I have gone to the Cape during either the Feburary or April school vacation weeks - it's easy to find a place to park during those weeks, but it's a lot harder to find galleries that are open. I suspect that you will find conditions to be exactly the opposite next week.

Yankee Ingenuity, a gift shop in Chatham, is owned by Jon Vaughan who is an excellent color photographer and has a large display of his work in his shop. He published a book several years ago that is a nice souvenir of the Cape.

A few blocks down the street is a shop that specializes in belts, jackets, gloves, and other leather accessories. The owner of that shop is also a photographer who has a display in the back of his shop along with several bins of prints. I think his name is Tom Johnson, but could be mistaken. He strikes me as a natural black and white photographer who is trying his hand at color - at least I think his b/w work is better than the color.

Tom Ruddeforth has a gallery in his home on Rt. 6A in Brewster, and also shows prints at a cooperative gallery in Chatham. Both color and monochrome.

The best art on the Cape is in Wellfleet and Provincetown. There are several galleries in P'Town that specialize in photography - pick up a copy of Provincetown Arts (an annual magazine) for a listing of who is showing what this year.

A Song of Myself (http://www.songofmyself.com/) is a studio in Provincetown operated by Brad Fowler. He does mostly black and white portraiture, and had some really nice work on display when we were there in April.

Have a great trip - and enjoy the seafood!

Robert Eaves
1-Aug-2005, 06:01
To bad you couldn't go after Labor day, You would spend less time in your car, and more time enjoying the beauty the Cape has to offer. Almost every seaside village in New England has some sort of art or photo exhibit on display. It's just a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to fight the hords of tourists.