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17-Nov-2017, 13:06
Hello everyone,
I am looking for historical information, technical, links on this camera model. If you have any, I will be delighted.
Looking forward to reading you
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17-Nov-2017, 14:15
Tanks Garett,
This was my first search but not much info on version 9 especially...

Louis Pacilla
17-Nov-2017, 17:06
Look over the Premo catalogs on this site but w/ a quick check looks as if the 1st year for the Premo #9 to show up was in 1913 http://piercevaubel.com/cam/catalogs/1913premocatlp399.htm

Here's the link for all the catalogs found at Pierce's site. http://piercevaubel.com/cam/catalogsall.htm .

Hope this helps and have fun researching!

Peter Collins
17-Nov-2017, 17:48
try collectiblend.com

a trove of information

18-Nov-2017, 05:49
@Louis: It' s interesting to see the evolution trought the catalog. Great. The technical informations are not very precise but it is the began.
@Peter: Very interesting links, Amazing ressource for that. Thanks

In 5X7 version, I would like to know the maximum extension bellows, and size of lens board.
For the moment This is the main question