View Full Version : 165mm S.A. F/8

John Moye
1-Oct-1999, 05:11
I think i have 165mmS.A. F/8 lens in a seiko sutter, high speed is 1/400 sec.. I need a jam nut(retaining ring) for it, would also like to find source for 105mm filters which i think fit the lens. Can you help me to find source for these it ems.Would like to know if 165mm SA made in mid to late 60's was coated.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
1-Oct-1999, 11:17

Go to www.schneideroptics.com They can tell you all you need to know by the serial #. If it's coated, refelctions of light sources in the glass will appear blue, or purple or cyan. Should be quite obvious. If it's uncoatred, it's clear, like a pair of glasses. A late 60's Schneider is certainly coated.

Steve Shuart, who has advertised in Shutterbug since the before there was a Shutterbug, could provide you with a retaining ring/jam nut/mounting flange as could Steve Grimes et. al.

I don't know if B&W or Tiffen offer 105 mm filters but go to www.calumetphoto.com and find out. Maybe Tiffen & B&W have websites also. The more common approach for large lenses like that 'un is gelatine or resin filters, don't know if thy're available larger than 4" x 4" but Calumet can hep yew owt.

Ron Shaw
1-Oct-1999, 17:26
Im sure its coated. Multicoating was even starting to appear around the late 60s, so it may even be multicoated. It should be a fine lens.