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14-Nov-2017, 10:04
Hey LFPFer's, I wanted to make a quick post about a new venture that I am co-opening in Salt Lake City, Utah. Luminaria, a collodion portrait studio and alternative process workshop center. We are currently working on building out our studio space and darkrooms, one designed for wet plate collodion and the other space for hand made printmaking. We are planning on opening in early 2018 and we are currently planning our summer of 2018 workshop series. We would love to have some feedback from this community as to what workshops you would be interested in. I also know that there are some incredible photographers on this site, so if anyone has a unique skill that they would love to share with some folks in UT, please let me know what it would take to bring you to Salt Lake City to drop some knowledge on us. We are planning on offering a wide variety of workshops in wet plate collodion (tintype, ambrotype & negatives), LF camera technique, Na2 palladium printing, pure platinum printing, platinum over gold leaf printing, gateway processes such as cyanotype and vandyke brown, and digital negatives. I would also love to do some of the more advanced processes like carbon, gum, albumen and collodion pop, once we get settled in the future.

If your curious about us, there is some more info here:


and in our kickstarter campaign here:


I'd love to hear from you all, and urge you to contact me either here via pm or through our website, and if you believe in what we are doing I would greatly appreciate it if you would help spread the word and consider donating to our kickstarter so that we can start the summer workshops off with some great instructors.

Many Thanks!

dave hyams

bob carnie
14-Nov-2017, 10:22
Good luck with Everything Dave- I would love to hear about your experiences in China..


14-Nov-2017, 20:45
Thanks Bob, we'd love to get you out this way if everything works out. China was a trip, I will shoot you a call when things slow down a little.

27-Nov-2017, 16:37
Just wanted to say thanks to any and everyone who took a look at our kickstarter for Luminaria, we reached our funding goal today. We really appreciate it and we are looking forward to creating some programing to further the art and appreciation of large format photography and handmade photographic printing!