View Full Version : Schneider 135mm Symmar-S lens rear element

Tom Simpson
28-Jul-2005, 16:27
The rear element of my 135mm Schneider Symmar-S lens looks like there's moisture or condensation inside the lens. I removed the retainer ring
and the lens doesn't come out so I can clean or wipe the offending stuff off. I only see it when I tilt the element at about a 30 degree angle.
It doesn't look like fungus and doesn't show when I look straight thru the lens.
Any ideas?

ronald moravec
28-Jul-2005, 16:39
Some mild heat ,about 110 deg. may drive off condensation hopefully without leaving residue.

If not, watch it closely in case it is fungus.

If it is getting worse , it is fungus and needs immediate treatment. If it effects you pictures, have it cleaned.

I find even minimal internal haze will start to affect the pictures in contrast, color saturation, and tone reproduction. Sharpness is the last thing to go when it gets really bad.

Brian Ellis
28-Jul-2005, 16:52
If it's condensation then putting it in direct sunlight for 10 or 15 minutes with the rear cell facing the sunlight should clear it up. If that doesn't work then it's probably something other than condensation.