View Full Version : speed graphic & flash

28-Jul-2005, 16:06
Greetings, I have been doing some hand-held shooting with my speed graphic and would like to run my vivitar flash attachment from the camera. The problem is the connector on the lens has two prongs and the flash unit has a pc connector. Is there an adapter for this situation? If not are there any work arounds? Thanks, chris

Oren Grad
28-Jul-2005, 16:24
Try contacting Midwest Photo Exchange, www.mpex.com (http://www.mpex.com), they often have Graphic accessories and may be able to provide an adapter that will work.

Alan Babbitt
28-Jul-2005, 17:12
Paramount Cords (http://www.paramountcords.com)

They have pretty much everything you would need, and if they don't stock the cord you need, you can have custom cords made up to suit you. I just yesterday received a new Paramount bipost-to-household (male) FP shutter sync cord for my Speed Graphic and the quality is excellent.

28-Jul-2005, 20:22
thanks, I just ordered a cord from Paramount.