View Full Version : Please help me identify this Toyo View Camera

12-Nov-2017, 10:33
Hello, this is my first post, please excuse me if i make mistakes in the best way to do this!

I've attached photos of my old Toyo View camera which i purchased in 1999, however i can't remember the model number and i need to repair the front rail clamp. can anyone help me identify this model and point me in the right direction of a repair part if possible. I'vehttps://www.dropbox.com/home/toyo already looked over Toyo's website and wasn't able to find anything. My goal is to sell the camera, or donate it to a photography school, but i want to make sure i'm rehoming a working system first.

thanks for your help!

12-Nov-2017, 10:35
Here is a side view

Neal Chaves
12-Nov-2017, 12:11
That is a 45CX. The camera was made in two versions, the 45C with a straight bellows and full size view lens board, the other 45CX, which you have, has a tapered bellows and uses Toyo field-size boards. These 45Cs have the ability to rotate the standards parallel to the rail and with one end of the bellows disconnected, the camera will lay flat in a case.

12-Nov-2017, 18:44
Thank you Neal! that's very helpful :-)