View Full Version : T-Max 100 at EI 64, what are the times?

Brian Bullen
30-Sep-1999, 14:03
I've heard for zone photography that T-max 100 has a better tonal range at EI 64 . Unfortunately I can't find any development times or information of any kind f or that matter. I'd like to do my own test but I don't have a densitometer to r ead fb-f to get a precise reading. Can any one help? Thanks.

Robert A. Zeichner
30-Sep-1999, 20:43
Try about 20% shorter development time. This seems to work very well for me and others I know who are rating TMX at 64.

mark lindsey
1-Oct-1999, 02:05
I rate 4x5 tmax at 50 and 8x10 at 40, you really should test and have a lab do dense. readings for you.