View Full Version : Ilford 2017 Special order delivery date?

10-Nov-2017, 17:28
Anybody gotten their Ilford special orders this year yet? Anybody hear when they are arriving in the US?

10-Nov-2017, 18:17
I got my 4x10 order from Badger Graphic a couple of weeks ago.

Jim Noel
10-Nov-2017, 19:11
My 5x12 from Fred t View CAmera Store arrived today.

Roger Thoms
10-Nov-2017, 19:30
View camera store gave notified me that my 4x10 FP4 & HP5 shipped. So I imagine it will be here in a day or two.


25-Nov-2017, 09:43
Thanks for the responses and letting me know your special order film has started to arrive. I am still waiting for my 20 x 24 HP5. Have others gotten their 20 x24 film or is it just me?

Roger Thoms
25-Nov-2017, 10:13
Turns out that my reply to Fred at the View Camera Store confirming my address went into my draft folder, so about a week later I got a call. I confirmed my address and received my film on Monday.

One thing Fred mentioned is the fact that the US distributor for Ilford closed early this year. Fred had to wire the payment for his order directly to Ilford and then they shipped the film to him. Perhaps the lack of a US distributor is slowing the whole process down.


Michael Kadillak
25-Nov-2017, 20:36
My 8x20 and 11x14 Delta 100 order arrived the end of last week.

Monty McCutchen
26-Nov-2017, 07:59
I have received my 20 x 24 FP4