View Full Version : Filters on wide lenses

Ed Richards
27-Jul-2005, 21:14
I have a 90mm Sinar (Rodenstock) 6.8 that I use on 4x5. It has a 67mm filter size and I use a step up ring and 72mm filters. I notice that I seen to get some vignetting on the top edge of the photo when I use up shift and a filter, but none without the filter. I would think the step up ring would help, but am wonding if it really does.

Armin Seeholzer
28-Jul-2005, 04:11
Hi Ed

The Filter wich you are using is a normal one like a B&W and they are really thick. You should buy a small one without front tread and it should be fine.

Ed Richards
28-Jul-2005, 05:50
You may be right - I was hoping that stepping up a little would solve that.

Bob Salomon
28-Jul-2005, 05:56
You are not stepping up to a large enough filter size. You should use a very thin step-up ring from 67 to 82 and slim filters.

Ed Richards
28-Jul-2005, 06:43
> You should use a very thin step-up ring from 67 to 82 and slim filters.

Makes sense. I just hate to pay more for filters than my lens.:-)

Ed Richards
28-Jul-2005, 06:56
Would the Cokin P series - which uses 85mm square filters - work? They make a wide angle set which has only one narrow slot.

Richard Schlesinger
28-Jul-2005, 11:40
If your GG has the corners cut you can look and see if you are getting vignetting. Stroebel's book has some illustrations of this (not a very good explanation of what to look for, but workable.) Naturally, the best way is the most expensive! Buy gigantic, super thin filters (Hoya and B&H). Also Lee makes an inexpensive filter holder held on with a rubber band with which you use 4" squares Lee sells. Voila! No vignetting. Nohow. No time!

Ed Richards
28-Jul-2005, 16:25
No cut corners, alas. The Cokin system keeps looking better. They claim to have a glass polarizer that fits in the P system. That would be a lot cheaper than other solution, and I could change filters without having to screw things on and off the lens.

Lars Åke Vinberg
29-Jul-2005, 15:17
I have a Cokin P glass polarizer (circular). It is uncoated but otherwise it seems to be of high quality. This is also reflected in the price.

(I also have a Cokin X-Pro polarizer monster - 118 mm inside diameter! I have successfully used it to scare away small children. :-)