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7-Nov-2017, 20:20
I have two 12x20 Korona film holders that I have been using now for about 20 years.
The dark slides are metal and are now sticking as I slide them in and out.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which product to use to make them glide smoother.

I was thinking car wax, furniture wax, or maybe Pledge spray.

I keep the film holders as clean as I can, I am a stickler about clean film holders.

Any Suggestions?



Erik Larsen
7-Nov-2017, 20:25
Your on the right track with your solutions, I use a candle on the edges of the slides and just rub it and down once or twice. Works like a charm

Peter Collins
7-Nov-2017, 20:38
If using a candle on the edges, I recommend paraffin (i.e., human-made) rather than beeswax. Beeswax will work, but it is stickier and stiffer. I know, I kept bees for many years. Also, bar soap on edges will work--it works on sticky wood drawers (beeswax, incidentally, does not--too sticky/stiff). The finesse is using very little, and removing any particles so that you just have a coating on the edge. I would avoid liquids. Just what I would do.

peter schrager
7-Nov-2017, 20:41
thanks I had the same question!!
best, Peter

7-Nov-2017, 21:19
Thank you for the quick response.

Paraffin it is.



Jim Noel
8-Nov-2017, 09:29
Beeswax yes, nose grease even better.