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30-Oct-2017, 14:38
Hello everyone!

I am a third year photography student at Salford University, Manchester. I have been working on a fine art documentary project for the past 5 months (this is not a part of my course), I have chosen the final output of the work to be a high quality photographic zine. The whole project was shot on medium format colour film! This will be my first printed publication but first I need help with funding the print process! You can get your own copy of the zine for £4 once I reach my goal on Kickstarter! Please share with anyone you think may be interested.

The work will be presented as a 28 page photographic zine which portrays a path of discovery surrounding stereotype and a community, with a psychogeographic influence.


Tin Can
31-Oct-2017, 17:28
This is an unusual photobook project by scale.

A UK college student has a goal of $132.00. Has donations of $88.02. I am flabbergasted.

I clicked follow and will be informed 48 hours from close.

1-Nov-2017, 23:56
What do you mean itís unusual by scale? Iíd like to know why youíre flabbergasted!

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