View Full Version : Photo spots in Budapest, Hungary?

26-Jul-2005, 04:12
Dear all!

I´m going to visit Budapest in late September.
Anybody out there, who could recommend some photo stores, galleries, museums or any other photo related spots worth to visit?

Thanks everybody!

Rainer Schoditsch

26-Jul-2005, 04:20
Oh, sorry for promoting my website so obtrusive. Didn´t want to have it on the "recent topics" page... Sorry!

Donald Brewster
27-Jul-2005, 07:59
Both cities, Buda and Pest, seem to be natural photo spots. The Castle District is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here is a general site for places to see in Budapest. http://www.talkingcities.co.uk/budapest_pages/sights_main.htm

For photography, try the Hungarian Photo Museum. Good collection of the classic Hungarian photographers. http://www.fotomuzeum.hu/kincsek/about_the_museum.html

Also the Hungarian House of Photography. http://www.maimano.hu/maimanohaz_en.html

Hungary is blessedly the home of Forte film and paper. Forte has two stores in Budapest at Mérleg u. 12 and József krt. 38. I think film and processing will be readily available.

Have a great trip.