View Full Version : Nikno 200mm f8 M or Congo 210mm f6.3

Larry Gebhardt
25-Jul-2005, 11:44
I am looking for a 200 or 210mm lens to replace the 210mm Nikon f/5.6 W when I want a lightweight pack. It looks like one can find a used Congo 210 f/6.3 lens for not much money, but the Nikon 200 rarely shows up used. I understand that both are Tessar designs so I would expect them to perform about the same. Other than the basic specs on the lenses I am finding very little to help me make a choice.

My uses for this are for 4x5 both color and black and white. I usually enlarge to 11x14 and sometimes upto 20x24. What are your opinions and recomendations.

Frank Petronio
25-Jul-2005, 11:58
A 210/6.8 Rodenstock Geronar is also a good choice, it fits in a Copal 1 and takes >52mm filters, and it folds into a Technika. They are multicoated and as sharp as any other 210, at least at f/16.

Jim Rhoades
25-Jul-2005, 12:02
The quality control with the Nikon is way better. Also available is the 203mm. Ektar. If you can find one with the 370 mount it will screw right into a #O shutter. It comes mounted in a Epsilon shutter. Very tiny and light. Coated and VERY sharp.

Jeff Morfit
25-Jul-2005, 12:14
I would say go with the Nikkor-M 200mm lens as well. It is a very nice lens with a Copal #1 shutter and very lightweight. It is also a really nice compormise between a 180mm and 210mm lens. Before I realized that Nikon made a 200mm, I was planning to buy both a 180 and 210 lens.

Michael Gordon
26-Jul-2005, 11:22
I make 80% of my photographs with my Nikkor M 200mm. It's plenty sharp and contrasty, and quite compact and lightweight. I highly recommend this lens.