View Full Version : Assistance with 70mm film for cine 4x5 back

Errol Schmidt
29-Sep-1999, 02:14
I have two 70mm bulk film backs (one Linhof: no. 1421062 and one Singer Graphlex ) for 4x5 and need bulk 70mm film. What film types does Linhof recommend to user s, who sells it and how can I get the film? Can 220 film be used in these backs? It appears that the Linhof Cine Rollex uses perforated 70mm film and the Singer Graphlex has flat rollers and does not appear to need perforated 70mm film. I l ive in remote rural Australia over 600km from the nearest capital city and would like to purchase by mail order. Please send information and suggestions via ema il ASAP. Any suggestions as to using these backs, loading the film, etc. would a lso be appreciated.

Regards Errol Schmidt

John Lehman
30-Sep-1999, 16:15
220 film will not work. 70mm bulk films available include Kodak Vericolor, Tri-X and alot of aero films (including high speed infrared); Ilford sells HP5+ and FP4+, and I believe Agfa sells at least one. B&H stocks Vericolor and Tri-X and will order any of the other Kodak films (I got a roll of high speed Infrared from them); they ship internationally

Larry A. Harrison
14-Apr-2002, 04:48
Currently 70mm photographic film is available only from Kodak and Konica in B&W, C-41 Color Negative, and E-6 slide film. It is special order from B&H Photo for a little over $100.00 for a 100' long roll. Cinematic 70mm film is available, but to get a manageable length your have to go to one of the companies that sells reel ends. With 70mm film processing is the principal problem. Only professional, custom labs have the equipment to process it. If you want to process it yourself, you need to find a used Kinderman 70mm daylight tank, or a used JOBO reel and tank. Otherwise you will need to dip and dunk in deep trays in the dark. The 70mm bulk film loaders are also available only used. NASA still uses Hasselblads with 70mm film backs as their standard camera for manned space filght.

jukka vatanen
3-Dec-2004, 19:42
A great 70mm BW film is available in ebay: A guy in Nevada sells Plus-X Aerocon in 500 ft cans and charges 65 dollars for a can. From the 500ft you get about 200 lenghts on "120 equivalent 12 frame" strips. That equals to 32 cents per 120 roll! Ishoot that stuff in Hasselblad 70mm backs. I have 3 backs: One for perforated Plus -x BW film without the inside cassettes. The back takes about 400 exposures of the thin film. One back is modified for UNperforated 160 asa color negative film ( Konica & kodak 160 asa C-41 "wedding& portrait film") The third back is unmodified & with inside casettes so I can stop in the middle of the roll, cut it & mark development data on the film leader, tape the end to another casette & go on shooting. I only regret E-6 films are not available anymore in 70mm