View Full Version : Steinheil Orthostigmat 210mm f/6.8

25-Jul-2005, 00:38
Does Steinheil Orthostigmat 210mm f/6.8 have enough movement on 8x10? Which one has bigger movement between Steinheil Orthostigmat and collinear?And which one is better in photo image? thank you!

Ole Tjugen
27-Jul-2005, 00:48
I don't know about coverage, but Steinheil's Orthostigmat and Voigtländer's Kollinear are identical in theory. Steinheil was about to patent the Orthostigmat when he found that Voigtländer had already described it - or something like that. So in the end they collaborated on the design.

The nominal plate size for the 210mm is 13x18cm. They may well cover more, but I don't have one to try :)