View Full Version : Cambo Wide -strange "accessory"?

paul owen
24-Jul-2005, 16:29
A bit of a strange one (not me, the question!). I've come across a photo of an early Cambo Wide, fitted with the shoe mounted viewfinder BUT with what appears to be a "cage"-like affair surrounding this finder. The camera is fitted with the bars on the lens panel but this appears at first to be a wire-frame finder (mounted on the other top plate shoe) but I thought it odd to have this AND the attached viewfinder? Any ideas - just curious!

David A. Goldfarb
24-Jul-2005, 17:24
My impression was that these bars were to protect the lens. Many ultrawide cameras have them.

paul owen
25-Jul-2005, 01:23
Hi David. Thanks for the reply. This Cambo Wide has the "crash bars" around the lens you talk about (like the Fuji 6x17 etc) but in addition it appears to have a similar protective "cage" over the top-mounted viewfinder. As I said just curious!

David A. Goldfarb
25-Jul-2005, 05:07
Now I get it. Sorry I misread your question.