View Full Version : Expiration dates of film supplied under Ilford ULF program

23-Oct-2017, 14:53
I got my order of 4x10 film from Badger Graphic last week. Opened today and found a box of FP4+ with an expiration date into 2021 and a box of HP5 with an expiration of Aug 2018. I thought this was new production film. I'm not really upset but I won't use this up that fast. Normal or did someone slip me some leftovers?

Oren Grad
23-Oct-2017, 15:31
I received my order via Badger Graphic as well. My order had two boxes of 4x10 HP5 Plus, one of them dated May 2019 and the other June 2020, as well as two boxes of 6.5x8.5 HP5 Plus, both dated April 2020.

It makes sense that they would be clearing out any leftover stock from prior cuts. But even allowing for that, comparing my 4x10 HP5 Plus dates with yours suggests that their inventory management is not quite up to snuff.

I don't worry about it, though. I've never received any film through this program that was past expiration date or even close to expiration, and in my experience HP5 Plus sheet film stored even at moderate room temperature (low 70s F or below) holds up well far past the marked expiration date anyway.

24-Oct-2017, 12:35
I assume Ilford doesn't really need to coat new film for this program? Just using existing master rolls and cutting the various ULF sizes from that should do it?