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eric mac
24-Jul-2005, 15:48

This forum has had a bad influence on my quest toward the darkslide. I am making a couple lensboards for an 8x10 wista I purchased. For a copal #1 I just cut a hole and use the jam nut to tighten it ot the board. However on a bigger lense - the Kodak 14", the flange has mounting holes. Based on the weight it seems like a good idea to actually attach it to the board. Does the flange attach to the front of the board or the back? Or does it matter?

FWIW, I am using 3/16" baltic birch plywood backed with 1/4" masonite.

Thanking you for your replies.


Alan Davenport
24-Jul-2005, 15:54
I have a lens in a No.4 shutter with a flange. I mounted it to the front of the board for two different cameras and it seems to be the better way to go. In my case, the flange (made by SK Grimes) is countersunk for the heads of the mounting screws; putting it in front keeps the nuts and the ends of the screws hidden and where they aren't able to interfere with fingers reaching to set things.

24-Jul-2005, 16:04
I just mounted a couple of lenses to boards I made and the method I used was to sandwich the board between the ring and lens, tightly, then I used small wood screws to fasten the flange to the board. As Alan says the flange is countersunk so you know which way the ring faces.