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phil sweeney
24-Jul-2005, 08:58
I have a couple of red dots and use them often. I have seen a few artars available that are not red dot and I know they are uncoated lenses. I always use a lens shade. I would like to hear anyone's experience with the uncoated artars?

24-Jul-2005, 09:20
Phil. I have used both and and I can say from a contact printers point of view I can tell absolutely no difference in the two lenses. They are both excellent choices and the uncoated apo's can be bought pretty reasonably. The red dots as you know demand higher prices which makes the uncoated versions even more attractive. I was taught "old school"- always be aware of your light direction and lens flare. I have an uncoated 1903 0r 4 vintage Dagor 16.5" that lives on my 8x20 so lens coatings are not as important to me as they may be to others. The artar is a great lens coated or not.

John Kasaian
24-Jul-2005, 09:56

Both are great examples. IMHO the uncoated APOs are more prone to flair but a lens shade (or hat) takes care of that issue. I wouldn't pass one up if it were already mounted in a shutter. OTOH I doubt if I could justify the inve$stment of having an APO barrel mounted in a new shutter. YMMV.

Jon Wilson
24-Jul-2005, 13:33
Ditto to the above. I have both and they are great. In fact, my 150mm/6" f9 nonRD Artar in a rapax shutter rivals my 150mm G-Claron in the sharpness category. I am waiting to receive back my 45cm Red Dot Artar which Tim Sharkey (LensN2Shutter.com) has recently installed into my Copal No. 3. It was a reasonably priced installation and will make a nice long 4x5 lens and great 8x10 lens.

Darin Cozine
24-Jul-2005, 15:34
I have a [non-rd] apo-artar, and it appears to be coated. I thought the red-dot artars were actually multi-coated?

26-Jul-2005, 15:45
The "R.D. Artars" are all single coated, even the Schneiders. The "Artars" may or may not be coated, depends on the year of manufacture. The principle difference between them is the reproduction ratio for which they were designed. The "R.D. Artars" were corrected for less than 1:1 while the "Artars" were corrected for 1:1.

Donald Brewster
27-Jul-2005, 09:03
What Wayne said. More specifically, Red Dot Artars corrected for 10:1