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24-Jul-2005, 06:39

Could anyone recommend a supplier of Copal shutters in the UK with reasonable prices.

The lowest I have found for a new Copal 1 shutter is 205 (inc VAT) which seems a bit pricey for my liking!

Alternatively a US supplier who will ship to the UK.

thank you.

paul owen
24-Jul-2005, 07:32
Try Robert White (www.robertwhite.co.uk) I recall them listed at about 160 inc VAT?

paul owen
24-Jul-2005, 07:35
Sorry! Just checked and this is the price for a Copal O, Copal 1 is 195 + VAT. Apologies!

Ted Harris
24-Jul-2005, 07:44
Badger Graphics or Midwets Photo, the same good old US standbys, both ship internationally. Price from either one will be around $259 which is ~ 149 UK Pounds so by the time you add shipping and VAT there will not be much (if any) savings.

John Kasaian
24-Jul-2005, 07:57
Add S K Grimes, & B and H to the list of US suppliers.

24-Jul-2005, 10:33
Thanks for suggestions.

It seems that I may already have found the cheapest source.

CP Goerz
24-Jul-2005, 11:33
Or try buying a Prontor Press or similar as they are the same size(threadwise) and cost about 1/3 the price of a Copal.

CP Goerz.

tor kviljo
25-Jul-2005, 08:02
Cheapest is probably a damaged lens with working shutter: check the lens-listing for LF on MXV photographic: http://www.mxv.co.uk/ They often have a few lenses with damaged barrels but OK shutters to low prices.