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18-Oct-2017, 12:16
Hello guys I am thinking about buying 24x30cm camera (10x12) it comes with lens- rodenstock rapid aplanat 7.7/35cm, 4 plate holders. tripod that is not in the best shape - bent leng
cost is around 450 eur.
The camera looks to be generally in a good shape with some wood blemishes. however the seller said " i wouldnt want to shoot on this 110year old guy"
i am not sure if he meant it that it is in bad condition or he just had this camera as a nice prop in studio. i can not check the camera out personally its too far away. some guys on facebook group said it is a good buy so I want to ask you guys here what do you think about it from these pics (only that the seller ha for the moment)
i want to use it for wet plate. Or can i find another 10x12 cameras for this price? first i wanted to repair mentor panorama that i have but 10x12 would be a really nice size.
please let me know what you think about it.


18-Oct-2017, 16:23
10x12 Seems like a modest step-up from 8x10 to me in terms of square inches of image area. 1.5x step-up for 10x12 vs 2x for 11x14. Plus 11x14 film is likely more easily available than 10x12, although they are both special order. 450 eur seems like a decent price for a field-usable ULF camera of any sort though, so hard to argue with the price of the camera.

William Whitaker
18-Oct-2017, 16:39
10x12 has a very noticeably increased sense of "presence" over 8x10. Not a lot bigger, yet still more commanding. I had a 10x12 camera with both 10x12 and 8x10 backs for a couple of years. 10x12 is a solid format. The reason I did not stick with it was that all the peripheral needs became an issue and often were costly. I recall negative storage was an issue. Finding 10x12 sleeves was a hassle. I finally ended up finding some 12x20 sleeves and cutting them in half. But finding those sleeves was a pain, too. 10x12 film holders are pretty much a custom order. $$$
I wouldn't dissuade anyone from the format, just be prepared for the add-ons. The devil's in the details.

OTOH, 10x12 is a great platform for adding a 7x11 reducing back if that's your cup of tea (as it was mine, once) ;-)

Steven Tribe
18-Oct-2017, 17:27
Seeing a complete set still together is a very good sign! These are comparitive simple cameras were the worst problems are dodgy bellows and missing brass fitments. The wood used on plate holders is very thin and you must expect some drying out cracks - but repairs are simple. Can't comment on the price as that would be a breech of forum rules (No valuations).

The tripod is certainly a problem as there are lots of fitments that can have wear or loose ash to metal joins. It was probably a problem when it was new too!

19-Oct-2017, 04:36
Sorry didnt know about the valuation rule.
Thanks for the insights I will let it pass through my head and will make a decision soon.

Steven Tribe
21-Oct-2017, 02:16
I'm back because two similar cameras were sold yesterday at Flint' auction.

Yours looks like a 12x10" uk style camera. Lot 379 and lot 380 were similar cameras. See link here for 379.


It sold for 240 plus 20% fees. Note it is without plate holders. Lot 380 did not sell at the starting price.
There was another 12x10" camera of better quality, lot 387 which sold for 1300. This was a complete set.

21-Oct-2017, 14:02
thanks ! however i was taking too long and someone else grabbed the camera so i will be looking for next one maybe even 11x14. thanks for the references in the auction.