View Full Version : 5x7 matt for a 4x5 print

18-Oct-2017, 10:47

Does anyone here know where I could order some 5x7 (around that, doesn't have to be exact) matts for 4x5 prints? I am looking to make some 4x5 contact prints and wanted to display them in a matt, and can't seem to find them anywhere.

bob carnie
18-Oct-2017, 11:34
any frame shop can do this for you.

Gary Samson
18-Oct-2017, 15:38
I would suggest at least an 8x10 inch mat for 4x5 inch images.

Roger Thoms
18-Oct-2017, 18:41
I’m with Gary on the 8 x 10 frame versus 5 x 7. I’ve got a nice 4 x 5 contact print look great in a 8 x 10 frame. I think the mat would be too narrow in 5x7 frame. As far as a source, check out Frame Destinations, they can cut any size mat you want. https://www.framedestination.com