View Full Version : Source for 16x20 FP4

Michael J. Kravit
23-Jul-2005, 13:39
I have read recetly that PhotoWarehouse no longer has their ISO 125 film (FP4).
Has anyone found another source for this custom cut film?

I need 16x20 sheets for enlarged negatives.


bob carnie
23-Jul-2005, 14:11
Try Jand &C they are getting me ISO 100 film 16inch X 100ft

Eric Jones
23-Jul-2005, 22:49

16" x 100' ? Are you going to expose it in the Lambda? If so, very interesting indeed.


mark blackman
24-Jul-2005, 01:04
Ilford are measuring interest in ULF film via one of their forums (http://www.ilford.com/html/us_english/ILFOPRO/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=27). I expect the more interest shown, the more likely they make their films available .

bob carnie
24-Jul-2005, 07:45
Hi Eric

Yes that is the plan, basically I have hooked up with some photographers who I think are leading in their field in alternative printing and I will try on 16x20 first as I can run the film in my Jobo and if it works as I suspect we will build a processing unit to process 30x40 sheets from the Lambda.

phil sweeney
24-Jul-2005, 08:41
I called photowarehouse this week and they are not out of film yet. But they are getting low in stock.

Michael J. Kravit
25-Jul-2005, 12:43
I called PW are they still have ISO 125 film available in 4x5 only . They can not cut anything in large sizes. SO my search need for their 16x20 hit a dead end.