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15-Oct-2017, 16:10
I try to find the best safelight filter for a friend who use the Fujifilm Super RX-N (blue sensitive) and HR-U (green sensitive) films.
He ask me if I have a SLG 8U safelight filter but this Fuji filter look very rare. What will be the Kodak equivalent?
Maybe the best filter can be different for theses 2 films.
Thanks for the help.

Doremus Scudder
16-Oct-2017, 03:11
Hi Ginette,

I'm not familiar with the exact films you mention, but I would think that you're dealing with rather standard blue-sensitive and orthochromatic materials.

Check here for the Kodak safelight designations and applications: http://wwwru.kodak.com/RU/ru/professional/support/techPubs/ti0845/ti0845.shtml

Here's the Ilford Safelight tech pub: https://www.ilfordphoto.com/amfile/file/download/file_id/763/product_id/613/

Hope this helps,


16-Oct-2017, 04:59
I have used red LED bicycle taillights with success for ortho films without fogging... It was placed so there was no direct exposure from the light unit itself, just bounced to create additional distance to where the films had minimum exposure, and just barely enough light for me to see... No fogging, but someone could test by placing a coin etc on some material in the dark and letting it sit under the safelight for 5 or 10 minutes, develop film, and see if there is there is any circle of the coin from fogging on what should be clear, "exposed" film...

Steve K

16-Oct-2017, 05:36
As recommended by Randy Moe a couple of years ago, this bulb is cheap and perfect for the job (in red, of course): https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-globe/g11-led-bulb-8-smd-led-globe-bulb/440/#/attributes/13

I develop by inspection and have mine pointed at a low ceiling about three to four feet from my work surface, and haven't had any fogging problem.