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23-Jul-2005, 06:31
Hi all,

I have just received my Ebony 45 SU.

What a wonderful camera !

But the screen is somewhat of another league (compared to my Sinar P2 screen).

I bought a Beattie Screen for that P2 and it got even better.

Have some of you tried a beattie or Boss screen for an Ebony (on BH I just saw a generic reference).

I also have a Toyo and love the binocular viewer on this one.

I guess SK Grimes can make an adapter as Ebony does not provide any (I have the monocular viewer but it's just for focusing and I cannot see the whole picture).

Any opinion ?


Danny Burk
23-Jul-2005, 07:28
Get a Maxwell screen - best I've ever seen. I have one on my SV45U2 and it's terrific. I've compared it to others and it's brighter, more evenly lit, and less coarse than anything I've seen.

I have a Horseman bino reflex viewer, which can be modified by Ebony (and presumably others such as SK Grimes) to fit. Unfortunately, Horseman has discontinued the viewer and they're difficult to find. I've suggested to Ebony that they produce their own viewer based on the Horseman, but they're of the opinion that it would be a slow seller. From personal experience at my workshops, I can say that many of the participants would order one after seeing mine; if readers of this forum are interested, drop a line to Ebony. Perhaps they'd move forward if enough comments are received!

Danny www.dannyburk.com

Brian Ellis
23-Jul-2005, 08:13
I've used BosScreens on three different cameras, I've used a Beattie screen, I've used the Fresnel screens that are original equipment on Ebony and Tachihara, I've used the ground glass that's original equipment on Technikas and Technikardans, and I have a Maxwell screen on my present Master Technika. The Maxwell screen is the best of them. The BosScreen is next. In comparison with these two the rest aren't worth discussing.

Jeffrey Sipress
23-Jul-2005, 10:19
I didn't think the stock screen on my RW45 was bad, but I now use a Maxwell. If you're not sure about them, just call Bill Maxwell and he'll tell you how great they are!

Say, how did you get a 45SU? I've had a SV45U on order for two months. Seems there are none available in the US.

Matthew Cordery
23-Jul-2005, 18:52
I have an RSW45 and don't really notice it being that bad, even with a 55mm lens. I had worried about that when I bought the lens recently but it seems fine.

Thilo Schmid
24-Jul-2005, 03:47

I agree that the Ebony Fresnel is not in the same league as the rest of the camera. I replaced mine with a Bosscreen and I am much happier now. I have ordered mine directly from Stabitech http://www.stabitech.nl/#Bosscreen.
They have an Ebony Standard Screen. So there is no need to order a custom screen. It fits perfectly. Unfortunately, they do not have marks for the asymmetrical axis, but you won't need them, if you have worked with the camera for a while. You may also place some marks by yourself.

28-Jul-2005, 04:54
Thanks already,

What is the best way to contact Bill Maxwell ?

Has he got an internet site ?

Does he absolutely need the GG frame ?

As I live in Europe, it seems to be somewhat harder.

I often order stuff at Badgergrahics' or Bh's but I prefer to avoid sending such a fragile piece as the GG frame of my brand new Ebony on the other side of the atlantic sea.

Any idea ?


Paul Butzi
28-Jul-2005, 08:22
I've used the BosScreen on my TK45s for years, and I've been delighted.

The comments (especially Brian's) on the Maxwell screen have me intrigued. What sort of screen is it? How does it improve on the BosScreen?

And does it have those markings on it, like my BosScreen? When I compose, it's kinda like doing it from the cockpit of a fighter jet with a heads up display.