View Full Version : Does Bleach type matter for toning?

14-Oct-2017, 09:35
Today I was in a hurry and grabbed a dicromate bleach instead of ferricyanide-bromide bleach for toning with thiourea. Dicromate bleach is used for Bromoil preparation and hardens the gelatin slightly.
The images bleached ok and had the usual tan/greenish gelatin that the dicromate leaves behind. I did not fix so did not lose any silver.
washed bleached prints for 15miutes.

I mixed my Toner at 10ml Thiourea, 40ml SH, 500ml water trying for a deeper brown than sepia yellow-brown. Toned for about 1-2 minutes depending on amount of shadow area.

The images have a nice chocolate tone on multiple papers souped in two different developers. The only side effect I can see is that the white borders are purple-ish on the warmtone papers.

I am not seeing much of a color difference between the different papers: Ilford Art, MGFB Classic, MGFB WarmTone, and Bergger CB VC WarmTone. Developers were LPD or PF106.

15-Oct-2017, 06:36
The answer is - apparently not.
See sample image on my website (http://www.searing.photography/sepia-toning-with-thiourea-part-ii/)

15-Oct-2017, 06:50
I've wondered about this too. I've never done much bleaching -- mostly negatives -- so I never thought about running any tests. It seems to that there are two POSSIBLE ISSUES/QUESTIONS:

#1 -- The immediate results -- differences in tone, density, processing time, etc. This would be easy, but time-consuming to check.

#2 -- Long term results -- does it impact the life of the negative / print?