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11-Oct-2017, 16:39
Am looking of a 1,000+mm lens to use on my Chamonix 11x14. Have already adapted to use a Sinar shutter in front of the front standard (with lens stopped down, vignetting shouldn't be a problem) and also have a lens support made from a modified Sinar Norma Auxiliary standard. To support the front end, have adapted to use a Manfrotto 359 Long Lens Support... Well it just plain works

Michael Kadillak
12-Oct-2017, 06:47
I owned a 42" Red Dot brass lens in an Ilex #5 that was a heavy bugger that challenged me with being at or near maximum bellows extension and front end loading and the issues that accompany this condition. Got some movement on a few negatives and then I did not use it as much because when I found the image to shoot the wind was my nemesis. Found a 35" Red Dot in shutter that was put into an aluminum barrel and mounted in a #5 Ilex and that was the ticket. Much much lighter and my V11 managed it much better in the field. The easiest part was just taking a few steps forward to set up over the 42" Red Dot so I sold the longer lens. Plus I did not need any auxiliary support for the front extension which for adheres to my keep it simple mantra.

Jim Andrada
12-Oct-2017, 11:03
I've used what the video guys call an Israeli Arm, Yup, that's what they call it!. It's the same kind of thing except there's a moveable joint in the middle and whatever is being supported can be anywhere in relation to the tripod leg.

alex from holland
15-Oct-2017, 23:53
Hust curious, why do you need 1000mm+ for 11x14"?

16-Oct-2017, 01:07
Hust curious, why do you need 1000mm+ for 11x14"?

That 1000mm would only be a touch over double the 'normal' (420 to 480mm) focal length for 11x14.

I have a 24" (610mm) RD Artar that is nice for the 11x14. I have a 19" (482mm) RD Artar I hope will cover 11x14.


16-Oct-2017, 05:23
Hust curious, why do you need 1000mm+ for 11x14"?

Have been using the rear 27" lens group of my 12 3/4" Protar on my 11x14 camera to do a series of "across the river" images and it just isn't long enough. Hopefully over the next few months I will find a 1,000+mm lens at a bargain price.

18-Oct-2017, 08:59
Some options are explored here: http://www.angusparkerphoto.com/blog/2015/2/ulf-lens-recommendations-14x17

The RD Artar or APO-Ronar CL (several options) are probably your best bet. The real question is do you have a big enough lensboard for the lens diameter/flange and can your front stand “stand it”. Sorry for the poor joke!

If you can stand loosing 100mm the 35” RD Artar is a great option too - not so huge and can be mounted in a Compound 5. I have one of those but actually haven’t used it on my 11x14 since its the newest to the stable.

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Dan Fromm
18-Oct-2017, 09:18
Look here: http://www.galerie-photo.org/n3-f2,91926.html

Cross-check against other sources listed here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?138978-Where-to-look-for-information-on-LF-(mainly)-lenses I'm not sure that Henri's list is complete -- completeness is hard to attain, there are so many obscure old lenses -- and I have doubts about some of his coverage estimates.