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Bernard Languillier
21-Jul-2005, 20:54
Dear all,

Upon searching, I found many posts on ULF, but none that summarized the state of the art in terms of:

- what are the available options for 7*17 films in B&W and Color (brands, where it can be bought from online, prices,...),
- what are the best holders for these,
- the typical constraints of shooting this large (how many film one typically takes along during one outing,...),
- what can be done in terms of development (do labs take these?).

Would someone be kind enough to come up with a small summery? I guess that it could become a useful article for the main site.

Thank you in advance,


John Kasaian
21-Jul-2005, 23:22

No experience with 7x17 but I do shoot 12x20. J and C is probably your best bet for B&W ULF film. They stock Efke pl100 which is IMHO truly great stuff. Photo Warehouse has been a source for custom cut FP-4 but I don't know if they're still doing that. Again, Ilford is great stuff. It is my understanding that Bergger still lists ULF sizes but if you contact a Bergger dealer they can tell you for sure.

For film holders there are a couple of makers that are highly regarded and names/ e-mails others here can provide. My camera uses Folmer and Schwing style holders (which no one makes these days) so I'm technically out of luck---I have to buy them when they show up on eBay which isn't as bad as it seems since nearly everybody else uses the 'other' kind so there is seldom a bidding war. How many holders do I take with me when I shoot? Two (thats all I have!)

For developing film I use a Unicolor processor with the 16x20 print drum (uses less chemicals---takes up less space) Prints are all contacts of course, souped in trays. Paper: AZO I'm exploring Kentmere and Foma as alternatives (I'm a graded fiber paper kind of guy at heart) Many use a pyro formula for film and an amidol formula for prints ,if not pl/pd. I've been happy with D-76 and Dektol but I can switch horses if need be. Ansco 130 sounds tempting---one juice for both negatives and prints! Someday maybe...

I hope this helps!

Jan Van Hove
22-Jul-2005, 07:25
Hi Bernard,

7x17 film can be had froma couple of places, and J&C is often quoted as one of the cheapest places to go to...
Brands will have to be "merginal" stuff like efke or maco, unless you find a stockist which carries a good stock, since Kodak film that size is special order, just like fuji... For Color, no problem, you can put in a special order in with kodak, but of course their minimal price for a film run is 10 000$ or so... otherwise, no film maker makes 7x17 film as standard product...

For the holders, there are a number of sources, the less expensive being Sandy King's S&S holders (you can get them through Quality Camera...). Lotus and Wisner also make holders, but these are more expensive. As for Folmer vs Korona holders, makers such as S&S can provide holders adapted to your own camera.

Processing in print drums is probably the most convenient, but trays are also an option. Labs that will handle film that size are few and far between, so If I were you I wouldn't count on it...

(little shameless plug : you might swing by the Mamut Photo website is you want more info on ULF...)

Hope it helps,


Bernard Languillier
26-Jul-2005, 00:57
Dear all,

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,