View Full Version : First 8x10, new lens, hit the road tomorrow

Calamity Jane
21-Jul-2005, 13:57
Processed my FIRST 8x10 yesterday - came out fine - and my Symmar 5.6/300 convertable showed up today (Canada Post thread) - WHAT A HUNK OF GLASS! Just finished making a lensboard for it and will mount it as soon as the flat black dries. Can't wait to see what the image is like on the GG with this monster!

The trailer is packed, the truck will get loaded shortly (as soon as I find another bucket of energy), and me and the Hound will be off tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Plan to be back August 2nd.

I hate to admit this, but I'm going to miss you guys (and gals) :-(

The LF forum has been where I start each morning and end up every night. Ten days of schmoozing the public and listening to Joe Simpleton tell me about the great pictures he took last vacation with his disposable camera will test my P.R. skills and patience! By the time I get back, I'll be in NEED of some inteligent conversation ;-)

Ya'll be good, or, if ya can't be good, at least try not to get caught!

Keith Fleming
21-Jul-2005, 14:53

Also expect that Joe Simpleton will be accompanied by his brother Bob who will advise you that it would be a lot easier if you just used a digital camera instead that funny looking monster camera. And don't be surprised if someone doesn't ask you if your big camera really doesn't have a digital camera inside.

21-Jul-2005, 15:11
If you used a digital camera you could print their prints immediately on site, and they wuodn't have to wait for them and you could collect right away and they could be in color and if their eyes were closed you could reshoot before printing it out and you wouldn't need a tripod the size of a tree and a tent the size of a stadium and pop a few strobes so they'd know that you were a pro. And have a great, safe time, sweety! And come back to us rich, famous, and exhausted.

Mark Andes
21-Jul-2005, 15:42
Best of luck. Be careful out there. I am so envious!!! You are one of my inspirations into LF.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
21-Jul-2005, 15:43
"Just finished making a lensboard for it and will mount it as soon as the flat black dries."

You are so talented! I couldn't make my own lunch box so you have my respect :D

Have a great trip and enjoy the feeling of a great plan coming together!

p.s. I'll be there, assisting in spirit! Well, that may or may not be a good thing considering the things I've f'd up lately (like using only .15ml of HC-110 when I meant to use 15ml and then wondering why the negs didn't turn out right) but gee, my heart's in the right place.

21-Jul-2005, 16:37
And if the Simpleton twins aren't sufficiently impressed with your camera, tell them that it is a Hasselblad, very expensive....

Diane Maher
21-Jul-2005, 16:56
Have fun, Calamity! You should have some interesting stories to tell us when you return. Looking forward to hearing them. :)

John Kasaian
21-Jul-2005, 17:47
I'll bet you a beer that sometime, someone somewhere in your travels will come up to you and ask:

"Is that a Hasselblad?"

Steve Feldman
21-Jul-2005, 18:27

Last time I was out shooting LF in public (I try to avoid it) a Simpleton relative walked by and said, "Hey, take me picture, I'm an actor." My response? "Wasn't that you I saw waiting tables at Denny's last night?"

That'll fix 'em.

Good light.