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21-Jul-2005, 11:01
Does anyone have any experience usning a Nikkor APO 610 copy lens at infinity on 8x10 and 11x14? I've heard that this symmetrical lens doesn't perform well at infinity as does the Red Dots.

21-Jul-2005, 16:38
Its easily as sharp as any other lens I own or have used. I have not worked with a red dot in this focal legenth thought. Mine is scarry sharp.

Tony Karnezis
21-Jul-2005, 19:58
I have no direct experience with the Nikkor. However, before I purchased my 600mm lens, I spoke with people who have used the Nikkor, Artar, and the APO Ronar. The consensus from these two people is that all are scary sharp and great for infinity, and none of them will ever disappoint you. If you shoot color or into the sun a lot, I was told that the Ronar and Nikkor have just a little bit more contrast than the Artar, but not much. In addition, I believe the Nikkor and Ronar are multicoated vs. the Artar's single coating. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

My deciding factor was weight. The Nikkor and Ronar are beasts that I wouldn't want to use on a field camera. The Red Dot Artar is much lighter and smaller. That's what did it for me. That and seeing prints made with the Artar.

Marko Trebusak
21-Jul-2005, 23:28
Tony, APO-Ronar has been around for some time, so it's posible to find both single and multi coated versions. When looking for one, one shall look for "MC" wording on barrel.


David Flockhart
22-Jul-2005, 23:53
I've used the 610 a fair bit on 11x14 and 8x20. It is more than sharp at infinity. It's bigger brother the 760 is equally nice at infinity.

23-Jul-2005, 10:14
Thanks for all the answers.

Now I'm wondering what the outside diameter of the barrel threads are, measured where the lens threads into the mounting flange as well as the outside diameter of the flange itself.

I hear these are big lenses...which could explain some of the scarry descriptions, but I need to know if it's to big for my lens boards.

Also, does anyone know the difference between the 610 and the 600 Nikkor APOs?


Richard Ide
29-Jul-2005, 10:00
Hi Robert

Thread diameter is 110mm, pitch is 1mm. Mounting flange is 144mm dia. Hole in lensboard needs to be 114mm because of step on back of flange. Distance from lensboard face to back of lens is 13mm.
Hope this helps