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Blacky Dalton
20-Jul-2005, 19:29
Have you seen the update to this web site? The Bellows for the 8x20 has been added. . .

www.jbhphoto.com/vcam/vcams13.htm (http://www.jbhphoto.com/vcam/vcams13.htm)

Where do you get bellows material this size?

Calamity Jane
20-Jul-2005, 21:47
The Roc-Lon blackout material that I have been using comes in a 60" or 72" width (don't remember which).

20-Jul-2005, 22:06
Blacky, Thanks for the update. Now I see why a bellows this size costs 700 bucks. I now have a card reader so I will be able to post some pics tommorrow or the next day ( schedule permittimg) of my new Wisner 8x20 in vertical and horizontal formats. The newest thing about the up and coming Wisners' is that Ron's new bellows on his ULFs are just awesome. (sheepskin bellows as opposed to the kids bellows or the synthetic ones). I'll try to get some pics posted tomorrow with both vertical and horizontal conversions.

Blacky Dalton
20-Jul-2005, 22:11
All of the blackout material I have found is white or off white. . . Have you found someone that carries the blackout material in black? On this web site the fellow says he uses some kind of rubber-coated nylon that was special order and no longer available.


Calamity Jane
21-Jul-2005, 03:26
Blacky: The Roc-Lon material is only available on off white. I have sprayed mine with flat black and it seems to hold the paint ok, at least so far. The other material that some people have used is from Porters but I don't remember what width it comes in.

mark anderson
21-Jul-2005, 08:28
my hat is off to a fine craftsman, anybody that has not checked out the web site should.

very nice work

Blacky Dalton
22-Jul-2005, 07:15
Hi robert, I am on the road a lot and my Internet access is sporadic at times. I would love to see your vertical/horizontal conversion 8x20 camera. I will be watching for some photos.
Thanks, BD

23-Jul-2005, 10:13
Blacky, I have attempted to send you some photos of the Wisner 8x20 Expedition. As this was my first attempt at using the digital camera. ( a freebie from a friend who upgraded...coolpix800) So I hope I didn't clutter your mailbox to bad. I really don't know how to post these to the forum. So feel free to post them if you like

Blacky Dalton
24-Jul-2005, 10:35
Thanks for sending the photos Robert. Wasn't a problem on my e-mail server. Looks like you have a nice convertible camera. You may have one of the last custom Wisner cameras, since it seems he is restructuring and down-sizing his business.
Again, thanks for the photos,

5-Aug-2005, 04:36
Is it not possible to know how to build up the bellow?
I mean..... to have the same pattern for a 8x20 camera that fold brilliantly like the one on the web site owww.jbhphoto.com/vcam/vcams13.htm .
I have not cad to draw but if i could...

5-Aug-2005, 04:46
This has different layout....http://www.cyberbeach.net/~dbardell/bellows.html

In case someone wants to see the fabric I use (I'm living in Japan) here the stuff is very cheap and sold in any fabric shop:

For me the problem is how to fold it perfectly like the masters of above link.