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Van Gelder Patrick
20-Jul-2005, 11:30

Today i was processing my first roll of 35mm with my Jobo cpe processor.
After developing it looked good but when pulling the film out there where
parts of the film not developed ? I loaded 2 reels with 35mm film in a
2521 tank.(top reel , 3/4 was good. bottow reel , 1/4 was good) Used 270ml chemicals. Could the problem be that my tank was not horizontal ? The tank was resting on the red part of the tank not the black.
Or do i use the wrong kind of reels ? I don't know wich one i use 1501 or 2 ??
How can i see the difference between those reels ?

I hope someone can help me out here...
Thanks for any replies.


Will Strain
20-Jul-2005, 12:47
How were you agitating? Using the Jobo rotary processor or inversion? Non-rotary usually requires more chemistry in my experience. Also - 270 is the minimum for two rolls... might want to up the amount.

Also - the parts that are not good - does it appear that they just didn't get chemistry (closer to the center when spooled on the reel) or is it more haphazard - which could indicate poor film loading and the film was touching preveting chemistry from reaching the emulsion.

Lots of things that could have gone wrong.

Tom Westbrook
20-Jul-2005, 13:44
The tank needs to be level for the chemistry to get where it needs to be. Did you buy it used? Read the docs on the Jobo web site (http://www.jobo-usa.com/products/cpe2plus.htm) for details. You can get a copy of the manual (http://www.jobo-usa.com/instructions/instructions_manual_cpe-2_plus_00.htm) there, too.

Van Gelder Patrick
21-Jul-2005, 04:37
Will , Tom thanks..
The problem was the wrong reel and not leveling the tank.
I've downloaded the manual.

kind regards,