View Full Version : Advice on Graphic Kowa 305 f9

Emil Ems
20-Jul-2005, 06:36
For my "window project", mentioned in an earlier thread, where I will be taking a lot of pictures of a building site with my Toyo MII over the coming months, I am at present looking for a normal 8x10 lens (around 300 mm).

In that context I have been offered a rather nice looking Graphic Kowa lens 305 mm f9 in a Copal 3 S shutter. Before buying it I would appreciate some advice from the extremely knowledgeable experts on this website:

Considering that this appears to be a process lens: would it be reasonably sharp at infinity? Would it be reasonably free of aberrations at that focus? If not, could this be remedied by closing down to, say, f 32? Could it be focused fully open, or would focus shift when closing down the lens to, say, f 32?

John D Gerndt
20-Jul-2005, 07:37
You can do a search on the lens and turn up specific impressions from those who own it. From what I have read you should be very happy with the lens. I have several process lenses and love every one.


CP Goerz
20-Jul-2005, 19:33
I've used that lens as well as a bunch of other process lenses and have yet to find one that performed badly at infinity. The Kowa is an excellent lens and you'll be more than happy with it, if not send it to me and I'll give you $50 for it ;-)

CP Goerz