View Full Version : Which boards to fit on a Chamonix 4x5

28-Sep-2017, 17:03
In putting together my 4x5 Chamonix system, ran into a lot of problems with getting and using non OEM lens boards for it.
of course OEM Chamonix lens boards worked just fine
Linhof lens boards worked
Wista lens boards worked
Chinese Linhof badged clones did not work
Chinese cloned Linhof type boards did not work

Can some forum members out there add to the list of boards that can and can not be used on a 4x5 Chamonix?


Peter Collins
28-Sep-2017, 19:42
I bought Shen-Hao badged boards from Badger Graphic in WI; they work just fine in my Chamonix 45N-2. Made in China. Hecho en China. Fait en Chine.

Eric Leppanen
28-Sep-2017, 19:51