View Full Version : Dagor 12" lenshood

26-Sep-2017, 12:33
I bought an US Dagor 12" but canīt figure out what thread it is in the front for a lenshoood, looks like no meteric. The diameter is 56 mm.


26-Sep-2017, 14:19
You probably mean a thread for filter? It's probably a metric fine thread (called sometimes "optical").

Mark Sampson
26-Sep-2017, 18:23
Goerz, and many lens makers back in the day, did not design their lens barrels to take the threaded mm-size filters commonly used on small-format cameras. Manufacturers like Kodak, say, would offer press-on, friction-fit filter rings that held unthreaded Series-size filters with a retaining ring. (Your lens would need a Series 8 filter.) I doubt you will find an adapter ring of any sort threaded to fit the front of your Dagor, though. Clamp-on filter holders like Lee or Cokin will probably be needed.

26-Sep-2017, 18:57
Or you can have a custom machined adapter, or add a custom machined barrel flange threads.

Robert Opheim
26-Sep-2017, 20:48
I use series press on filter holders on my dagor lenses. you could get a press-on and and step up to a mm filter size.

26-Sep-2017, 22:12
Thank you guys, now I know!