View Full Version : Linhof Technorama 617 S users?

Ellis Vener
19-Jul-2005, 11:41
Any Linhof Technorama 617 S users here?

A couple of questions for you:

What is the filter factor for the Schneider Center-Filter IV? It looks like it is approximately 1 stop or possibly 1.5 stops.

While testing will be done, in general how accurate are the distance and hyperfocal near/far scale markings?

Is there a lens hood available t ofit the Schneider Center-Filter IV that will not vignette the image?

Finally, is there a digital back available for this camera? (just joking!)


David A. Goldfarb
19-Jul-2005, 12:53
Robert White has a chart with the Schneider CF filter factors, and IV is listed as 1.5 stops--


105mm front thread, eh. Maybe there's a B+W rubber wideangle hood in that size, but it would be nice if there were a rectangular pano-format hood for 6x17.

Ellis Vener
19-Jul-2005, 13:00
Thanks David!

george jiri loun
19-Jul-2005, 15:30
The distance scale is as accurate as it can be. No problem there. The same for the hyperfocal depth of focus scale. You can easily see it for yourself with a test - put a ground glass (even a paper replacement) on the film path and try it with measured distances. A lens hood cannot be too deep though (I have a home made one).

Bob Salomon
20-Jul-2005, 05:33
"Maybe there's a B+W rubber wideangle hood in that size, but it would be nice if there were a rectangular pano-format hood for 6x17. "

No lenshood that is commercially available will work on a Technorama with the 90 or the 72mm lens without vignetting. This includes the Heliopan 2 position 105mm hood in the wide angle position.

Ellis Vener
20-Jul-2005, 06:16
Thanks George and Bob!
time for the ole baseball cap trick I think.

george jiri loun
20-Jul-2005, 10:22
Ellis, forget the hat trick. I just measured my computer calculated lens shade for the 90mm Schneider I have with the 617S. The inner rectangular dimension of the lens shade is exactly 137 x 49 mm. The depth of the lens shade is 25 mm and it sits on a filter rim ( 82mm diameter UV filter, I took away the glass). And yes, the lens shade covers partially the lens diameter - it is because the film uses just a part of the image circle, of course.

Dermot Conlan
22-Jul-2005, 16:05
You can try the Lee filter company for custom hoods and filter sizes. The made a 108mm filter holder for me a few years ago to go over the outer diamater (105mm) of the CF on the 90mm SA on my 617s.

Frank Petronio
24-Jul-2005, 18:37
I bet Josef Koudelka didn't prance around Eastern Europe with his Technorama 617 and some prissy hood system.

Real men use their hand. That's what I do...