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Emil Ems
19-Jul-2005, 06:51
Recent threads have touched upon the availability and cost of large format film in the US. I would just like to chime in with recent experience from Europe.

I am about to embark on a major project with my Toyo M camera (pictures of a building site outside my window). For this I would need a package of 8x10 b&w, respectively colour negative film, now and then. Upon visiting the trusted dealer in Brussels (Campion) I was informed about the following:

(i) There is about a month's waiting time for ordering Kodak T-Max and negative film of 8x10 size (at least now during the summer season) and it is not a good idea to order Ilford products since it could not be ascertained when they would arrive upon ordering.

(ii) The cost for Kodak T-Max 400 is 240 euros (including VAT) for 50 sheets and for 160 ASA colour negative sheets, I believe, 120 euros for 25 sheets.

Would my European friends know about alternative ways of obtaining Kodak or Ilford sheet film of that size which are more expedient and cheaper? Are there any other producers which provide reasonable film at reasonable delivery times and prices (e.g. per mail order)? My main interest is in 400 ASA film, but I could imagine lower ASAs if the price is right.

Amund BLix Aaeng
19-Jul-2005, 06:57
I buy all my film from JandC and B&H, both in the US(I live in Norway)
Even with shipping and tax(25% here in Norway), it`s a lot cheaper than I can get it here(except some Efke 100)
I believe a pack of 50 sheets 8x10" Tri-X from B&H is about 120 euro.
50 sheets of JandC Pro 100 is about 50-60 euro.....
From B&H I have the goods in 3-4 days(expensive shipping though), from JandC in about a week.
No reason to buy in Europe with this service from the US :-)

19-Jul-2005, 07:19

in Brussels you may ask FotoGuy, Rue de Flandre 43 / Vlamsesteenweg 43, B - 1000 Brussels. Phone: ++32-2-511.56.41

Good luck

Antonio Corcuera
19-Jul-2005, 07:21
Emil, I can highly recommend Robert White in the UK (robertwhite.co.uk). He sells 50 sheet 8x10 T-max 400 for 95 GBP plus VAT (roughly 140 euros) and the excellent Fuji NPS 160 in 10 sheet box for 51.70 GBP (around 75 euros). Ilford 25 sheet boxes of FP4 or HP5 are 42.75 GBP. He ships fast and if you have a valid VAT registration number pay no tax. Also, no custom duties. Good luck, Antonio

Richard Littlewood
19-Jul-2005, 08:32
Robert White UK. Silverprint UK. Teamwork UK

paul owen
19-Jul-2005, 09:40
Retrophotographic (www.retrophotographic.com) are in the UK. They specialise in East European films and they are real sleepers! The 200ASA "Classic" is a lovely, silver-rich, film! Good prices and very friendly service too!

Ole Tjugen
19-Jul-2005, 10:17
Unlike Amund I buymuch of my film in Norway, from fotoimport.no . I have also bought some from Monochrom and nordfoto in Germany. 8x10 colour film I don't know - I use mostly 5x7" in colour.

19-Jul-2005, 11:19

What´s your experience with Nordfoto? Their prices are ok, but what about availability, shipping time, customer service?


johannes rau
19-Jul-2005, 11:28
at www.fotoimpex.de you can order efke or classic pan films

Amund BLix Aaeng
19-Jul-2005, 12:39
You see, I`m a bit smarter than Ole ,that`s why I don`t buy my film here ;-)
I will buy some 8x10 Efke 100 when the time comes, but on Tri-X and TMX, fotoimport isn`t even close to match B&H . 50 Sheets of Tri-X 4x5 cost $25 less from B&H, even when shipping and tax is included

Eirik Berger
20-Jul-2005, 00:42
I do the same as Amund (I also live in Norway), I order all my film from USA and Japan. I even order my 120 and 220-film abroad. Five-seven days after I make an order form B&H the film has arrived in my mailbox. That is fast enough for me. I use mostly Fuji Acros and Astia 100F. The Acros I order from Japan since they have it in both 8x10" an 4x5" (non QL).

mark blackman
20-Jul-2005, 03:08
I think I can see what's causing the problem, 8x10 film is not available in Europe. However, if you try ordering it in 10x8 size, all of the websites mentioned so far will be able to serve you.

Ole Tjugen
20-Jul-2005, 03:46
I see the difference: I don't use Kodak BW films :)

I just got a shipment of 13x18 and 6.5x9 APX100 from nordfoto, no problems at all. Quick shipping too, I think - I was away when it arrived.

So far I haven't bought 8x10" film - only 18x25cm. And that is far easier to find in Europe!

Emil Ems
20-Jul-2005, 06:13
A great thanks to all my web friends here. You have provided me with a lot of hints of where to buy.

Following Antonio's and Richard's suggestion I have already been in contact with Robert White and it appears that products are available at the prices mentioned here on the site and delivery would take only days. What a relief.

However, they mentioned a complication which probably would interest a wider audience, why I won't hesitate to put it here for all your consideration. They told me that all their consignments would be subject to X-raying during transport, in line with current policy for terrorism prevention. This leads me to be a bit reticent as concerns ordering films of higher sensitivity than 100 ASA and infrared sensitive roll films. What is your experience with this? Have any of you ordered such films from the US or UK and experienced deterioration due to radiation during transport? If so, I still have the possibility, thanks to Clemens, of an alternative supplier in Brussels and, hopefully, also from Germany through land transport (thanks to Johannes).