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Doug Dolde
18-Jul-2005, 21:34
Has anyone ever seen an Ebony Wide 45? I just bought one and am amazed how light and small it is. I believe it is a custom model as it isn't listed on the Ebony site. Anyone want to guess what I paid for it ?

Since I mostly shoot 4x5 with a 110 XL I don't think I will miss the long lens capability.
I also have a medium format digital kit for longer lens shots.

It only takes lenses up to 150mm, for longer you have to add the back extender and/0r extension tube.

Here's a side view of the camera. (http://www.painted-with-light.com/assets/images/WIDE45_05.jpg)

paul owen
19-Jul-2005, 02:24
Hi Doug. I saw one (nearly bought it) about 5 years ago. It was old stock at Robert White and the SW45 was its replacement model - bought the SW! The Wide is a nice camera if somewhat limited in what it can do movement-wise. Ebony also made the Wide 69 (GP69F it was called) and was a scaled down Wide 45 with the swing-door ground glass. There is one for sale on Ebay UK at the moment - finishes today! As for price - I reckon (in UK pounds) about 600 ish!

evan clarke
19-Jul-2005, 06:07
I have the 6x9 and it is a wonderful little camera. The longest lens I can use is a 105. The camera is a great "walking around" camera which weighs as much as a feather when coupled with a carbon tripod..Evan

paul owen
20-Jul-2005, 01:30
Hi again Doug. After reading Michael's post and having had a closer look at the photo of your Ebony I am puzzled by the handstrap! I am pretty certain that the "original" Wide45 didn't have one on the side of the camera - it certainly had one one the top of the camera! It is difficult to see from the angle of this photo but I think that might the "side" handstrap been added either at the Ebony factory as a "custom" request or by a previous owner who wanted to use it handheld? The reason I ask is that it doesn't seem to be of the same design or "quality" as the top strap (no adjustment buckles and the stitching looks different) A lovely piece of "kit" though!

Doug Dolde
20-Jul-2005, 09:09
I picked this up from Badger for $925. He had it listed as a "Custom" model so maybe that is true about the handstrap not being standard. I would never try to handhold it but it's another lifting strap anyway.

You can see more photos of it by replacing the 05 in the filename by 01 thru 06.

paul owen
20-Jul-2005, 09:57
True - you can never have enough lifting straps! Its the one thing I missed on the SW45. Lovely web site too!