View Full Version : Film developers in central New Jersey

Paul Cocklin
18-Jul-2005, 19:57
Hello all!

I'm working in Woodbridge, New Jersey for a few weeks, and shot some Ektachrome readyloads and TMAX readyloads at Valley Forge not long ago. My work schedule is pretty heavy, and I'm not gonna get back to California for at least a month, so I was wondering if anyone knows a developing lab near Woodbridge or North Brunswick that I could drop these off to be developed. With the high humidity and temperatures, I don't want to wait til I get home to have them developed.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Anywhere within half an hour is doable, but I'm working 10AM to 9 PM so I need a place close that opens early.

Thanks a lot!


30-Aug-2005, 13:50

Sorry I found this too late...I havent been active on this board in quite a while.

Though I'm living in NY at the moment, I'm from Jersey and live there while not at school.

If you're ever back in the state, drop me a line and I'll give you a few recommendations.


Paul Cocklin
30-Aug-2005, 21:39
Jason, I'm actually still in NJ bouncing between woodbridge and Freehold. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll be here until 9/8. Thanks a lot!