View Full Version : Linhof Kardan E vs newer RE

21-Sep-2017, 14:51
I am looking at buying a Linhof monorail, and I have a hard time finding out what differences there are between the new RE and the slightly older E model.

Does the supposedly grippier knobs and the "micro drive" make the RE the better choice? Apart from these details, I cannot find anything that is different between the two models.

I have not been able to find out whether the E/RE has a geared focus on the front standard.

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2017, 15:04
No geared focus on the front standard. Other then the knobs they are very much the same.

22-Sep-2017, 08:50
Thank you for the reply, Bob!

I am leaning towards the E version then, even if a new camera with a warranty is nice.