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David du Busc
18-Jul-2005, 15:38
I'm sure quite a few people who attended the VCC in Springfield bent the ear of the Ilford and Kodak reps about ULF film. Eric Luden, who is Ilford's Boston area Sales Manager, told me Ilford was serious about addressing supplying ULF film.

They have just sent an e.mail to those who have expressed interest.

If you send an e.mail to Steve.Coomber@ilford.com they'll put you on this new list.

He invites us to forward to people who would be interested..... here ya go!

From: Steve.Coomber@ilford.com

Date: Thu Jul 7, 2005 3:42:51 PM US/Eastern

Subject: Ultra Large Format Film

This message is going to all attendees to the View Camera Conference in

Springfield MA who expressed an interest in being part of a group

communication on future supply of B&W film in ultra-large formats.

First, my apologies for the length of time it has taken to contact you (and

I won't bore you with my pathetic excuses).

Second, this will be as short and sweet as possible as we are still rather

long on theory but short on details.

Third, the factory has reacted favorably to our proposal of set time(s) in

the year to place consolidated orders for all these 'special' sizes. Our

main task is this group is to make it happen.

My initial thoughts and suggested actions are as follows:

i. The group working name is PULPA (Provisional Ultra-Large Photography


ii. A forum area for free exchange of information and views has been

establish on the ILFORD website (see further info below). We can

immediately begin any number of threads on any related topic.

iii Should there be anyone you know of who would want to be included in

this group, please forward a copy of this email to them with a copy to me

so I can add them to the address list if they're not already on it.

This should get us going.

While so far the focus has been on sheet film, I am aware there are also

Cirkut camera users in the group, and we mean to deal with their concerns

as well.

I'll be in touch again soon.

ILFORD Imaging USA Inc

Steve Coomber

Director of Marketing

Directions to Forum Area

- go to ilford.com

- click on ILFOPRO MEMBERS in lower right or screen

- if you are an ILFOPRO member (or you aren't yet but only want to view

the forums) click on Cafe ILFOPRO Forums

- under Technical Discussions click on PULPA and knock yer sox off

- if you are NOT an ILFOPRO member, you can join by clicking on Join Cafe

ILFOPRO and following the instructions

John Kasaian
18-Jul-2005, 18:26
Great news! Thanks David!

mark blackman
19-Jul-2005, 00:17
looks like Ilford will judge whether to cut ULF sheets on the level of interest shown (not an unreasonsable stance!). So I urge all ULF shooters to join up and show some interest.